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Dear Marlien and Geoff

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous influence that Chartwell Country College has had on my children, Luke and Gina.

 As you know, they were previously at another private school where they seemed to be in a constant state of anxiety and as a result they never enjoyed school and in fact had little time to enjoy their childhood as they were always swamped with homework and assignments. In addition to this the school was trying to encourage us to send Gina to a specialized school as they felt that she had learning difficulties. For this and other reasons we brought them both to your school. Initially I was a little concerned (through lack of knowledge) about the standard of education but I was relieved that at least they were in a more relaxed environment for the time being. I very quickly noticed a complete change in both of them. They seemed to fit right in, easily made friends and soon began to relax and enjoy going to school. They also began to do very well at school and their overall level of confidence rose dramatically.

Upon attending the parents day and meeting and talking to all of their teachers, I, for the first time really grasped and understood the level of education and attention that each child receives. I also noticed the extremely high commitment shown by all of the teachers and staff. I  received valuable feedback about my children that really put me in the picture and made me even more proud of them and who they have become since they began attending Chartwell Country College. I am extremely grateful for the effort and dedication that you and your team have put in and all the more so in this day and age where the name of the game seems to be to mass produce little robots who are capable of endless productivity at the expense of the unique individuals that they are. In the early days I was planning to ultimately get them into a mainstream government school but that is certainly no longer the case. I feel that the kids are in a very supportive and balanced environment and I for one believe that the school years are about much more than just academic qualifications and sport.

Thank you once again for the all the support and positive input that my children have experienced at Chartwell.

Yours sincerely

Brandon Borgelt



Having had our children, Luke and Gina, in a renowned private school since Grade O, we had hoped we were providing them with the best opportunity and foundation for their formative years. They seemed happy enough, worked hard, and had many friends. However, over time I noticed that the school workload was increasing at quite a pace, the kids often seemed to be stressed and were definitely feeling the pressure of having to perform. Luke was putting in a lot of effort but only doing 'okay' in his school work and he seemed to lose a lot of his spark. At home, however, we knew him to be a happy, energetic and clever child, always creating or building something, asking questions and educating himself about wildlife. Gina was doing okay academically and then it was suggested that she had some learning problems. A doctor prescribed some medication and helped her concentration but led to severe depression over a couple of months, so we weaned her off that poison very quickly and she was back to her old self.

Eventually somebody referred us to Chartwell Country College and we decided to make application for Luke (12) and Gina (9). We didn't know any other children who had been at the school and essentially went with our gut instincts, trusting that a totally different environment and focus would be advantageous to the kids. We had some concerns, make no mistake, but there is no perfect place and the idea of another mainstream school just had no appeal. We needed a learning environment where our children would be nurtured and developed as individuals, not just as numbers building a business in the industry of education.

It's been 18 months since Luke and Gina started at their country college and the whole experience has been so refreshing and encouraging. To see my kids happy and smiling every day is the proof of the pudding. The kids are happy, stretching themselves, telling us how much they love their teachers and how 'cool' they are

My son Daniel, for as long as I can remember, has always questioned the logic of attending school on a daily basis.  I know that he fondly imagined a day when the institution would be scrapped entirely.  Chartwell Country College with its dedicated teachers and small classes has enabled Daniel to develop his creative talents, grow in self confidence and as a result he’s become self motivated and self disciplined.  The almost personal tuition he receives means that he does not get lost in the anonymity of big classes.  The teachers at Chartwell Country College are mentors for both academic and life skills..and I’m happy to know that my son is receiving an education within an environment that nurtures his full potential.


Marc’s story

According to the psychologists with their IQ tests, my son, Marc has an above average IQ. He is very creative, excels at maths, but really battles with reading and is just “different”. By age ten he had been through 6 different schools in the Randburg area (3 well-known mainstream schools’ pre-primary departments and 3 remedial primaryschools) without really fitting in anywhere and had barely made any progress in learning how to read. His frustrations as a child, not being understood by the school system, had lead to a behaviour sometimes giving in to ugly temper tantrums.

Then I met an amazing lady, Diana Clohessy, who had started a school now known as Chartwell Country College. She was not intimidated by Marc’s difficulties, she and her staff of hand-picked teachers reached out to him to understand his individual needs. They taught him better frustration tolerance and allowed him to develop his strengths while helping him with his weaknesses.

Four years have passed and Marc’s life has been transformed. He still excels at maths and battles with his reading, but he has learned a lot about self-control and the value of slow, steady progress, just like the old story of the tortoise that beat the rabbit in the race.




It was October of 2007 when Andrew joined Intuition.  Diana suggested we do a trial week and he loved it so much that he never left!  From the very start of Andrew's school career, we had experienced many hurdles, mainly due to epilepsy.  He had missed out on many of the important building-blocks needed to establish a strong learning foundation.  When he came to you, he was overly-sensitive, emotionally unstable and sociably inept.  As a direct result, his school work was suffering terribly too.  Four years on, we have a mature, even-tempered and happy 12 year old on our hands!  He even does his homework with a smile on his face!  We are so grateful that we found this wonderful school.  Its staff have been like family to us and have worked together with us every step of the way.  Andrew is now equipped to face his senior school years as a well-adjusted and most importantly, happy and secure individual. Thank you all!


Alexandra & Isabella Snyman

I was recently asked, considering Alexandra and Isabella’s achievements in the performing arts, why we chose to have them schooled at Chartwell Country College. Would they not be better served being educated in an environment geared for and specializing in music and the arts? It was a sincere question, from someone who had only their best interests at heart. My answer was equally sincere – if I had to choose between an institution that developed my children’s talents and one that developed them, I would always choose the latter.

I would have loved to tell him about my concerns with mainstream schooling – my disillusionment with a system that allows individuals to get lost in large classes and, in my opinion, where mediocrity often becomes the comfortable norm. But all I could think of was the way in which Chartwell Country College has helped mould my girls into becoming two confident young ladies. The school, with its smaller classes and loving, supportive teachers and staff have proved to do just that – develop them...and in the process allowed them to develop their talents!

The performing arts is a tough and time-consuming pursuit and the girls are often forced to compete, work or perform during school hours. The support of their teachers has been invaluable – always going beyond the call to ensure that their work is caught up.

We are convinced that much of what the girls have achieved over the past years would not have been possible were it not for them being at Chartwell Country College. The individual attention and care that our daughters receive have made it possible for them to grow as individuals, excel academically and pursue their dreams.


Dave and Tracey-lee Mc Gregor


It gives me great pleasure to make available this testimonial regarding the quality of education at Chartwell Country College.

I am the father of a 16 year old son who has been at Chartwell for the past 2 years. Prior to his enrolment as an IGCSE student, he attended a private school where the average class size was 25 pupils and his progress academically can only be described as average. As parents, we wanted to offer him the best possible start in life via an excellent education and therefore we researched various options including home schooling on the Cambridge syllabus, as we knew that this would improve his chances of studying and applying for bursaries internationally. The challenges of home schooling are a given and so we came across Chartwell Country College which on the face of it offers a form of home schooling but on a structured basis.

From our very first meeting with the management and staff of Chartwell we were immediately at ease and now 2 years later we cannot be thankful enough for making what has turned out to be a life changing experience both for our Son and for us as parents. Chartwell breaks the mould of traditional private schools in that pupils in the senior grades are in effect respected as individuals and adults and are allowed opinions which can be debated vigorously adding to their life experiences and skills. In fact they are treated on the same level, in my opinion, as varsity students who are encouraged to engage with their “lecturers”. Classes are smaller meaning personal tuition and engagement. His class has 7 students on average per subject choice and the quality of the teaching can only be described as one of the best in this country and certainly on par with the best on a global platform. He currently takes 6 subjects (English, Afrikaans, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Biology) and has been averaging 6 straight A’s. This is a far cry from his previous marks and can be set down to the quality of instruction, interaction with the lecturers and encouragement he gets to excel and reach his full potential. On another level he has matured into a confident young man who now knows the world is his oyster.

We have written this testimonial of our own free will and have made it available to Chartwell Country College as an endorsement of their commitment to ensuring the best start in life for the next generation. We are happy to chat to any parents who feel they need clarification on a decision we made and have never regretted.


Dave and Tracey-lee Mc Gregor

011 3260015/ 084 202 8267

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.