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Smaller classes for better education

 Kids learning 2At Chartwell Country College, we are proud to say that we have purposefully kept our class sizes small to give each student undivided attention which helps each students get the most out of themselves.

Our experience shows that each student participates in smaller classes where there is no hiding or falling behind. The personal environment also inspires confidence and encourages them to express their opinions in an open and honest way.

As a direct result of this our high school students are better able to practically apply their knowledge, have a higher overall grade, and perform much better at university as they understand that they are responsible for their own work. 

Students in small classes learn faster which leads to a more focused group. Course and syllabus material is completed in less time which allows more time for revision before tests and exams.

Smaller classes mean our teachers are able to give more attention to students, and they respond faster to class interaction. Learning is greatly enhanced, in turn, when students can interact on a personal basis.

Chartwell Country College’s smaller classes foster enhanced collaboration. Students feel more closely connected to their peers, which augments their ability to share ideas and perspectives openly, a skill greatly needed in a globalised 21st century.

Smaller classes also reduce bullying, improve self-respect, and create an environment where individuals are acknowledged and respected for who they are and where they come from. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of self, firm principles and the ability to stand up for themselves in a respectful, reasoned, manner.

We encourage students to give their opinions, share their experiences, and give new perspectives and solutions. We find that smaller classes facilitate this as there are fewer disruptive voices in the classes and fewer distractions. A deeper understanding of course material can be reached with this collaborative approach to teaching.

Chartwell Country College believes strongly that creating a better school is as simple as creating a smaller one.