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Foundation phase (Gr 0-3):

It is vitally important at this level that each child receives a good foundation in reading, writing, speaking, listening and the manipulation of numbers. The work that is followed has a special emphasis on these very important skills. Our aim is to send students to High School with a good work ethic and the ability to work on their own.  In order to maintain the excellent standards for which we are known their work is monitored with on-going assessments and class tests, and they progress as and when they are able and ready to do so. 

Intermediate phase and up (Grade 4 – A-Levels):

The Intermediate and Senior phases continue to build on the skills acquired in the Foundation phase. At this level, increasing levels of work and complexity, including class tests and exams, ensure that they are effectively prepared for the challenges of the Cambridge exams. Once in Grade 10, (IGCSE) our Students follow the curriculum required by the Cambridge Syllabus. The school presents the relevant study materials for the year and assignments/assessments are provided and set by us. In order to gauge students' proficiency, internal exams are written by all students not writing their external IGCSE/AS-Level/A-Level exams. For more detailed information on the Cambridge curriculum, please refer to the Cambridge website:


We facilitate our students' studies in a controlled environment designed to stimulate and challenge them. Our very low teacher/pupil ratio enhances the learning experience with no more than 12 students per class. Each student is therefore assured of the attention they require. The South African government syllabus is broadly followed in all our phases. This work is supplemented by that required by the Cambridge International syllabus. This allows students to make the change to the Cambridge material effortlessly while still allowing them to fit into other schools should they need to leave us for any reason. We believe that parents are our partners in their children's education and as such we encourage them to be involved in the learning process. We also believe in open discussion with parents around all aspects of their children's education. 

We offer the following subjects at our Cambridge level: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Geography, History, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Art and Religious Studies